Here to help.

A while ago, someone (i’d say they’re my best friend) told me i’m a very good listener and give good advice/support. Now i’ve never fully believed the advice part, as i’m not exactly winning at life haha. But I have found I can give advice on other people’s problems much easier than I can solve my own, maybe its a matter of perspective. You’re too close to see the way out and need a new perspective from someone outside the situation.

Anyway this made me think, am I only good at advice for that one friend? Or am I somewhat decent at advice for anyone in general, that friend believed i could be a good therapist. Though i wouldn’t think so myself, not sure i have the patience. :p

But on that note, surely any help is better than none? Figured i’d see if i could actually help anyone. Even if its just a little, so if you have some issue you’re mulling over or focusing on lately with little success. Maybe you just need someone willing to listen. If you feel like sharing, i’d gladly listen and offer my thoughts on it if you want? Any topic, any amount of detail and i’ll give my honest opinion. Full anonymity on your part, just send me a message on the contact me tab. Or comment below! I’ll reply when i can and then if it’s ok with you i’ll blog the question and my answer at a later date. 🙂 (your pricacy is important so anything sharwd will be jwpt private unless you say otherwise)

Of course if no one wants to, that’s fine. I understand some random internet dude offering help is a big red light. But I do mean it, and i do wish more people were helpful instead of mocking and judgemental.

Until next time, be good to yourselves and take Care. 🙂

– Stew

When depression hits.

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