A couple small steps, or a giant leap?

Soo of late i’ve been looking for somewhere else to live, which is kind of difficult nowadays with house prices nowhere near affordable for most people. Luckily there’s a couple of government schemes to help with that, namely shared ownership and help to buy. I started a help to buy ISA a year ago to  save money and registered with the scheme.

Just recently I viewed a place that I really liked and am now taking the first couple steps to buying it. Which is basically applying to the housing association involved and having a chat with the bank! Scary stuff but in a good way I guess, i’m not the best for talking out my future with an advisor. If asked about the future I usually mention dogs, so I wasn’t looking forward to that. But it all went quite well, the bank approved a mortgage by some minor miracle and now it’s to the next step. (property checks and making sure all’s well legally etc) 🙂

It’s a giant leap forward for me, so trying to concentrate on one step at a time so it doesn’t cause panic attacks. A friend said it was one if the most stressful things you can do in life, the other is planning a wedding. Luckily I have no plans for marriage, this is stressful enough, but it feels worth it. 😉

So right now it’s looking good, just waiting for solicitors to do whatever they do and then hopefully sign some papers in a few weeks. 😀 I haven’t told many people about this as yet, as I wanted to be sure it was actually happening. The past month has been filled with worry about everything that could go wrong, the bank declining me, or the property survey finding something bad. But its starting to feel quite real now, with my bank and the housing association accepting my application and all moving forward.  🙂

There’s still a couple of things to get done and then having to sort out phone/internet, power supplier, council tax etc. But that’s a couple of steps ahead as yet and looking back I never thought i’d get here. Kind of proud of myself really. 🙂

All i know is the first thing i’ll do if/when i move in, is put on a certain record and sit back with my feet up in my own home. 🙂 (I’d love this set-up haha)



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