Why we need Feminism.

513m85qkf0l-_sx323_bo1204203200_A friend shared this and i couldn’t agree more, follow the link and check it out. 🙂


Rasenth is an illustrator, comic artist, and animator from California, currently living in Japan.  You’ve probably seen some of Razzy’s work…

Source: This Illustrator Explains To Bros Why They Need Feminism

Basically, i’ve heard many guys say they were either against feminism or didn’t lile the name. (Even though when i talked to them about it, they shared the same values)

It’s equality, for all. Not just women’s rights, but everyone’s rights to live equally without harassment and abuse. Which I think is a basic right and can’t see why anyone would be against it.

Growing up I saw many people express different views on things, from friends and family, old and young. Some were quite enclosed and fearful of change, while others were more open and accepting. There’s been times growing up when i’ve felt like a stranger/alien in a group because of there views on things. This was mainly due to their fear of change and new things. Mainly families moving to the area from other countries, but also homophobia and sexism.

I can’t count how many times i heard someone at school get called a pussy, queer, fag, homo, gayboy, bummer, wimp, girlie, chick with a dick, tranny…. etc. (Apologies for all that) It seriously affected some friends and many ithers, some scared to reveal their real selves because of it. :/

I could go on for a while and that wouldn’t even cover the xenophobic shit I overheard people say in town about a foreign family that moved in. Over time it lessened, when people got to know them and realised they were much the same really. Atleast for most people, there’s still a few xenophobic types throwing abusive remarks about at times. They’re mostly ignored and told to grow up now, that’s progress at least.

Hopefully we keep progressing and moving forward. Being more understanding of each other and accepting. Not ridiculing, not bullying and abusing people into depression or even to suicide.

Then maybe one day I’ll be proud to be part of humanity, instead of wondering most days what’s wrong with it.

Until next time, don’t let anyone push you down. 🙂


(Featured image is the Cover to Marvel’s Mockingbird vol.2 An excellent comic. Go check it out)