Winter is Coming.

Well for many of us, the clocks went back last night. An old and kind of pointless tradition that marks the end of Summer time and the start of the cold wintry months ahead.

Personally i’d happily knock it all on the head and no longer move clocks forward or back, originally it was for agriculture and outdoor workers to make use of the daylight. Then the argument was given that it was beneficial to health, saves power consumption and also lessened traffic accidents. But it no longer seems relevant in the modern day, and most benefits have been proven to be negligible.

But anyway, I digress and the point I wanted to make today was this. Winter is coming, so it’s time again to prepare for it!! 🙂

I don’t just mean break out the warm blankets, wear thick jumpers and start the fires. (Although yes, do all that) I also mean, be prepared for what the next few months will bring other than a cold climate.

So here’s a list of things to do and check up on, because it’s always better to be prepared than get caught out. 😉

  • Travel: Check your car/transport is in good condition, make sure the tyres are in good shape(change then if needed), the fluid levels (Oil, screen wash, antifreeze etc) are topped up. Also have an emergency bag too, always a chance you’ll be stuck in traffic due to weather or even stuck in the snow. Have a blanket, first aid, snacks, a hot drink and a phone with you.
  • Health: Along with the cold weather, comes a bunch of unwanted germs and viruses. Cold/Flu especially, so make sure you have aspirin/paracetamol and any other medicines you need stocked up. Also be sure to take care of yourself and stay warm.
  • Mental Health: Many people suffer more in the winter than in the summer, lack of sunlight and the cold can really effect your mental wellbeing. I’ve got a SAD lamp, (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is something many people suffer from and especially in the winter. As there is less daylight and most people no longer work outdoors.

I’d also suggest to make the most of this time of year while you can, if it snows then go make a snowman or have a snowball fight with friends. There’s nothing quite like that first morning of fresh laid snow on the ground.

The frost is very cold and a pain to scrape off your car, but it does make for a beautiful view some mornings in the country side. Halloween is almost upon us and after that, depending on where you live there’s a couple other festivities to come. (Bonfire night in the UK for me, Thanksgiving in the US etc.) Enjoy yourselves and take care. 🙂

Until next time. 🙂




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