It’s November?!

Well that was quick, not sure what happened but it seemed like October flew past!

First i’ll have to apologise as at the start of the month I mentioned I was going to try the Inktober challenge. Well I can tell you now, I crashed and burned quite early on that haha. Think I did about a dozen of them, but I was so busy at work and with other things that I had to give up on it.

Way it goes sometimes, life gets in the way of stuff but I tried so can take some comfort in that. (I’m no artist anyway, in fact i’m abysmal at best haha) So if anything it’s a blessing in disguise. I won’t share the bad sketches lol. 😉

Anyway, I hope you’ve all had a cool October and a great Halloween. Halloween is also my birthday so it’s always a strange day for me, gave out loads of sweets to trick or treaters too. I just imagine everyone dressing up does it in celebration of my birth. :p (kidding)

I had an awesome day though, thanks to everyone I know and am now at the grand age of  *cough-cough*. At this grand old age, the only advice I can give to anyone who wants it is this:

  • Be yourself, whatever that is. Don’t try to please people by being anything other than you. It isn’t worth it. Be yourself and you’ll find people that like you as you are.
  • If you have a dream/goal, then go all out to reach it. Don’t put it off and say “Oh I can do that later/when i’m older” We all think we have lots of time, honestly time flies past faster than you think.
  • Be happy, an odd thing when you think about it. But if something makes you happy, then hold onto that.
  • Don’t pass up on unique opportunities, you may regret them later on in life.

November is also National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I know a few people that take part in this and i’ve been meaning to for a couple of years. Not sure I will this year, but I may try if I get the time. (Time is always the constraint)

Anyone else going to attempt it?

Until Next time, take care and enjoy your month. 🙂



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