Another Free Writing exercise.

Not written anything of late and thought i’d try to get my creativity flowing.

So 10 minutes of free writing, here goes!


She got up from the bench and started walking, not thinking of direction or destination. Just the thought of going somewhere, the compulsion for something different far away.

She’d somehow become stagnant and felt this place was somehow stale. New pastures and a different view on life, that’s what was required. Wherever they might be, for now all focus was on the path. She carried on as it slowly raised up hills, down valleys and crossed rivers. Ever onwards and never slowing down. Passing faceless people and nameless places, nothing caught her eye.

So she continued moving, not feeling the fatigue her body was experiencing. Not knowing how far she could carry on. Eventually, her limits were reached and rest was necessary. A path appeared in the forest she was walking past and she made her way down it. The small stony pathway snaked around a pond and arrived at the porch of a rustic cottage.

She slumped onto her grazed knees, hands gripping the porch step as if she may fall off. The door opened, but no one appeared. The cottage looked inviting and she summoned all her strength, stood and walked inside.

The door closed behind her, as the path slowly disappeared and the cottage was once again hidden within the forest.


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