That festive time of year!

Seasons Greetings!

With Xmas now upon us, I thought i’d do a quick blog about the things I enjoy at Xmas and the traditions i’ve somehow picked up over the years.

So first off, the one thing I always love is giving cards and gifts to people I love. I can’t quite explain it, but I get a real buzz out of it. Especially when they are so well received and I get to see their reactions. 🙂 (It’s weird, but I absolutely love it)

Next up has to be the food, ok we buy way too much and find it all lasts until February. But oh the food, it’s like everyone can just eat whatever they want with no bias or judgement. It’s awesome haha. Then in January everyone regrets it and vows to go on a diet.

Though my favourite food at this time of year, (other than a Toblerone) has to be jam tarts. Something that has been part of my families tradition since I can remember. Homemade Mince pies, sausage rolls and Jam tarts. Usually made on the 24th, xmas eve. ❤

On Xmas day itself, my family has this tradition of eating Steak and Chips for dinner. This is because, firstly we all love steak and secondly it’s a quick and easy meal to prepare. So we don’t have to cook all day and miss out on the fun. 🙂

At some point on Xmas day we’d likely watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. We’ve watched this film every year since it was released I think, it’s hilarious and definitely a great family film. Basically a movie about everything that could go wrong at xmas, happening to a hapless man and his family. 😀


It’s also a family tradition to watch certain tv shows and movies over the holidays, in particular Morecambe and Wise if it’s on tv. But especially Laurel and Hardy, they are without doubt the funniest duo of all time and never fail to make me laugh. There’s no real set time to watch these, but it will happen sometime over the holiday.

Usually followed by a few xmas specials that always appear on tv, like Doctor Who. Then a few favourite films. Die Hard, Scrooged, A Christmas Carol and Santa Claus the movie are usually watched.


Another tradition that i’ve somehow picked up is walking the dog on Xmas morning, it’s something we both enjoy. Luckily the past couple of years have been quite mild, so haven’t needed to worry about the cold too much. I’ll walk her a good couple of miles over some fields and wish other walkers and people well. I’ve noticed a few people do it now and we all seem happy.

This is usually done in the late morning, after we’ve all got up and gone downstairs. Sat around the tree and passed around the presents we’ve kept under it for the past week or so. Someone will make tea/coffee and toast for all, while everyone else are going through their new book/gadget, or trying on a new jumper.

Then after the walk, it’s usually time to watch a movie and then have our steak and chips. 🙂

During the meal, being English we pull a few Christmas crackers. Which make a small bang and contain a paper hat, a novelty toy/gift and a joke. (hard to explain to any who have never seen one) We all read the jokes, wear the hats and probably swap the toys around. 🙂

After the meal, usually we’re all too full to do anything. So we find a comfortable place to collapse and watch whatever is on tv, or watch a movie. Though sometimes we may play a game, depends on what we all get for xmas and what is on tv. (Though Netflix etc. makes this a bigger choice)

Later there may be cake or a pudding, depending on how we all feel haha.


The evening is spent in much the same way, though i’d probably end up playing a videogame or reading a book that night. With some snacks and a hot drink nearby. The following days will likely be spent doing the same, just enjoying the time off work and having fun. 🙂


So what do you all do for Xmas? Do you have any family traditions old or new?

Is there anything you always watch or a game you play at this time of year?

Happy Holidays, and a Merry Christmas to all. 🙂






2 thoughts on “That festive time of year!

  1. Sounds like a great time, Stew! I have only somewhat recently begun “celebrating” Christmas. I’ve always hung up lights that stay up til March just because where I live in Alaska it just gets so dark for so long, the lights help. But I do love this time of year. Like you, I do enjoy giving gifts if I am able. I love cooking for people. This year, I have flown to my younger sister’s house and will be here for the rest of the month doing their family traditions with her and her husband’s family. Lots of good food and laughter and just fun. I also like watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (just watched it a couple days ago actually)!

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