On the edge

I can feel it creeping up on me, quietly getting closer as i walk along the edge.

It shadows me as I carry on walking, enjoying the view from on top of this hill.

It stays within touching distance, patiently waiting for the moment I stumble.

I trip on something, then suddenly it rushes forward and shoves me over. The momentum pushes us both over the edge and down, down into the dark.

It envelopes me as we sink further, nothing but darkness here and a feeling of being lost. Not knowing which way is up, or how to get back.

It holds on tightly, never relenting and grasps tighter as I struggle. It stops me from  screaming out. The dark all consuming, nothing else is there, no hope.

Weightless now, alone and tired. I shutdown and curl into a ball. Trying to protect myself from everything.

Time is no longer relevant, days and weeks pass by like minutes and hours. I wait for the moment I hit the ground, a blessed release from it all.

But it never comes, there is no ground and I realise i’m no longer falling. I’m floating, but the darkness still holding tight.

Something’s different now, I no longer feel alone. There’s someone else here, unseen but heard.

They call out for me from a distance, asking me to come back. I can’t reply, but feel like I can move.

I struggle against the darkness, not knowing which way to go. The voice calls out again and draws me towards it.

Slowly and painfully I move towards the voice, the Darkness trying to hold on as I go. But it struggles to do so.

The dark starts to fade, light appears ahead and the voice is clearer now. I can move easier, feeling stronger but aching.

Finally I see the edge, I push forward with everything I have and see a hand outstretched.

I reach out and grab it, exhausted I hold on as they pull me out of the abyss and back into the daylight.


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