About me

Hello and welcome to my Hobbit Hole, my name is Stew and i’m kinda new to this so please bare with me while I get used to it all. 🙂

Here i’ll talk of my musings on life, thoughts and feelings of what’s going on in the world and general ramblings. Plus most likely some geeky chat about whatever i’m excited about haha.

I’m a guy in his 30’s who loves his friends, dog and video games. In that order usually haha. Big fan of movies especially sci-fi, fantasy and comic book films. I could discuss Lord of the Rings or Forbidden Planet all day long and then go watch Guardians of the Galaxy or play Worms. 🙂 Though I should mention my greatest love is music, grew up in the 80’s so Queen hold a special place in my heart. But I was introduced to my favourite genre,  60’s Rock at a young age and since then i’ll gladly listen to anything from the 50’s to modern day. My taste is quite eclectic thanks to my family introducing many artists/bands to me and then going out and discovering some myself. Though Led Zep rules. 😀

Oh and in case you’re wondering about the Blog title, well I got the nickname Chocobo sage a while ago thanks to my love for Final Fantasy VII. 🙂

So pull up a chair by the fire, help yourself to tea and scones and enjoy.